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About Worms.zone

Worms.zone free online draws inspiration from Slither.io. Among Slither Style io games, this one can be more impressive with addicting gameplay mechanics and stunning graphics. Feel free to play Worms.zone in your browser now! You will make your way through a vast map competing against many other worms from around the world. To kill them, make sure you already get yourself larger by eating some small animals dispersed on the ground and don’t forget to pick up power-ups if you want to get stronger than others. Killing enemies can be done in many ways, depending on your play style, you can pick the one you like. You can encircle them all, speed up to cut them off, and many more. When you rack up kills, you will gradually get closer to the top rank on the leaderboard where you will become the best worm in the arena! Enjoy it now!

How to play

Move your worm with the mouse, click the left/right mouse to accelerate it.

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