Wormate.io unblocked is also a famous snake-themed game drawing inspiration from Slither.io. This title shares the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor. You are a small worm spawning in a huge map packed with delicious candies and rival worms. Your task is to eat these candies for making your size larger and use your big body to kill all enemies before they eliminate you out of the arena. You can apply the tips and tricks to Wormate.io game, just like what you did in Slither.io and other snake games. Take any chances to encircle your opponents to make them run into you, or you can speed up to bypass them all and cut them off. Whatever you do, be sure to protect the head of your worm and don’t use the speed boost feature too much as this will cost your length. Keep your worm alive for as long as possible until you get to the top to become the longest worm on the server. Feel free to play Wormate io snake game now!

How to play

Perform the movement of your worm using the mouse and left click to speed it up.

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