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About Wormania.io

Wormania.io free snake game is yet another clone of Slither.io that can be played online for free in a browser. For all the fans of Snake io games, make sure you check out this title too. Wormania.io unblocked proudly brings a new experience to all players. You are a neon worm swimming around a huge map full of beautiful dots and enemies. You need to absorb the dots as much as you can to get yourself larger. Besides, make sure you pick up power-ups to strengthen your worm even more. When there is a chance to kill enemies, quickly grab it! You must make them crash into your body, cut them off by outmaneuvering them, and block all of their movement. To win Wormania snake game, you have to become a cunning, evil, and cruel worm in the arena. Let’s get ready for this adventure then see if you will conquer it! Much fun!

How to play

Direct your worm’s movement using the mouse. Speed it up by clicking the left mouse.

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