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About Worm.is

Worm.is free online is yet another HTML5 game based on Slither.io. Worm.io can be a nice clone of Slither.io game with new features, epic gameplay mechanics and more. You spawn in the map in the shape of a cunning worm wandering around the game area to devour as many objects as possible. By eating them, your size will be much more increased gradually, giving you more strength to cope with other enemy worms. As soon as you grow in size, quickly take on other enemy worms and kill them all before they have a chance to kill you. Speed up your worm to bypass other players then cut them off to make them run into you, or you can encircle them with your long body. No matter what you do, just ensure that the enemies will be destroyed while you are still alive on the map for a chance of winning. Worm.io game also features many daily quests with amazing rewards. Make sure you join the quests and conquer them all!

How to play

Direct your worm’s movement with the mouse, shoot mass using the left mouse or key W, click the right mouse or the spacebar to speed up and use key F for using items.

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