Wood Farmer

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Shellshock.io  Date PublishedJuly 7, 2022
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About Wood Farmer

Join Wood Farmer 3D and you can adventure through many forests, mining and building. There, you will admire the beauty of the natural forest and unique constructions.

What do you think about adventures in the jungle and learning how to survive there? This game will help you to make your passion come true when you play it on the online browser here. Your task is to exploit resources to build your favorite buildings and admire the results designed on a realistic 3D background.

So, if you love construction, get ready to join the jungle adventure. There you will find a variety of large trees for timber, then transport the wood to the construction site and watch the logs automatically install on the construction site. After you reach a certain amount of wood, you will see beautiful results in front of you.

But this Adventure Explore game does not stop there because it offers a large map. You can adventure through many new forests to harvest more wood or even other unique resources. With more expensive resources, you can build more amazing buildings.

To speed up the construction and mining, you should move further through the islands, where you will meet the merchants. They can sell you new gear to upgrade your mining ability. Moreover, this is a chance to discover new beauties in the land of sand, snow and more.

So you can play Wood Farmer free online now and start this amazing simulation game. Mining and building with just clicking your keyboard keys around the map, it’s really simple yet addictive. Many buildings to discover and many unique equipment to increase your mining power, try them all here!

How to play

Move the character with WASD or arrow keys, left click to interact with other features