Publisher  Date PublishedSeptember 11, 2019
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About unblocked is a strategy game about helping Santa sleigh! Have your skills ready for this challenge in WinterSmash free game online then see if you can conquer it. Santa is having difficulty in getting back on his feet due to the rough terrain, and he is in need of your help. You will have to call for his reindeers with different behaviors. These reindeers will help Santa sleigh more easily. But there is a problem with them, which is that they can sometimes make you fall into stick situations due to their different behaviors. Hence, you must change their behaviors in order to fit the current situation. When they are not helpful anymore, just send them away and you can call for the new ones. promises to be an amazing game for Christmas! You can try it in your browser for free to hone your skills and experience awesome challenges.

How to play

Break the platform using the mouse, summon a reindeer from the left using the left arrow key, summon a reindeer from the right using the right arrow key.

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