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Shellshock.io  Date PublishedSeptember 1, 2021
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About Wiggle

Wiggle online tells about the escape of a small worm from the dangers of nature. So, the player’s task is to help this worm safe throughout his journey. Can you do that?

The way Wiggle works are quite similar to other snake hunting games on the market today. But instead of facing the enemy, you are alone in this journey. So if you collide with obstacles along the way, you will have to start the game from scratch.

In the next levels, the difficulty will be increased by appearing more obstacles along the way. So, watch carefully to avoid all the dangerous things. In addition, there will be no more enemies appearing on the way, the only goal is not to collide with anything on the screen.

Play Wiggle game for free on any browser on your device now for real entertainment. How many levels do you think you can get through in Wiggle unblocked?

How to play

Move the mouse continuously to control the character to avoid the obstacles in front of you