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Shellshock.io  Date PublishedDecember 21, 2019

About UFOz

It must be so cool to fly a UFO around a big city. That’s what you experience in UFOz unblocked – a space io game inspired by Hole.io and Crowd City. You take on the role of a zombie that can control a UFO and you must make your way through the city trying to eat all objects to increase your size. As you build up size, your score will be increased too. You’d better watch out for dangerous objects as you hunt for food. They can be larger UFOs directed by real human players. If you don’t keep yourself away from them, you will get eaten, which causes the game to be over. Be careful when you fight against the enemies because you can only eat the UFOs that are smaller than you. But when you become the biggest in the city, you can eat everything you want! Will you reach the top of the leaderboard and dominate the city? Play and have fun with UFOz game online now!

How to play

Use the mouse for your UFO’s movement. Try to eat objects and smaller UFOs to get your size bigger.

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