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Shellshock.io  Date PublishedMay 22, 2021
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About TU-95

TU-95 unblocked is a free airplane flight game. You can rest assured that this game is fantastic while you use spend hours playing it.

In the type of html5 game, TU-95 will give you a chance to control Tupolev TU 95. This is one of the most famous planes of Russian. What you can do in this game is that control it to perform perfectly. How it takes off, how it flies, and the way it landing need to perfect. That your mission. You think that is easy and do not hear great? So let try it. Moreover, this has many levels and the difficulties will increase for each higher level. It is so hard to control it safely and does not crack down or anythings harms people below. So, if you believe in your skills, why don’t you play them and show your skills to people? Now you can play TU-95 without flash on Web Browser.

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to make it fly
  • G to open or close gear
  • F to flap