About Traitors.io

Traitors.io is a new top-down shooter io game. In which, you can fight against bots or have fun the challenge with friends. Pick out the room you want and connect to the latest match online! The main aim is to become the last standing man. Therefore, you are recommended to defend your character from every dangerous situation until the round is finished.

In Traitors.io unblocked, you and every decoy will be highlighted every 35 seconds. You have to make use of opportunities and skills of your own to get an edge over the rest. When you are successful in killing the target, your attack ranger will be increased and you can eliminate many more people. With the support of power-ups that you gather on the ground, you can sneak into the crowd, improve your possibility, and fire faster. Each of them comes with different effects and you are advised to master. Let’s play online the battle you love and invite some buddies now!

How to play

Choose Left Mouse Button to wander, Right Mouse to fire, Spacebar to use power-ups

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