About Tombr.io

Tombr.io is a great online multiplayer Agario style game. Discover the new match for free and fight against numerous enemies along with monsters. To conquer the top spot, you are forced to eliminate as many as possible. They will give you more EXP and help you unlock levels. However, it is harder to kill human rivals than bots. Therefore, you can evade them if you are not sure. From attacking to evading, everything you perform will allow you to increase your survivability. Once you stay alive, you will have more chances to rank up and become the winner.

Are you ready to play Tombr.io unblocked and take over the leaderboard? Select the hero you like and do not forget to pick the abilities that you want. They will come with the corresponding class. During the adventure, you are able to unleash various spells and skills such as lightning magic or gigantic rocks. Embark on the battle now!

How to play

Use the mouse to navigate the player, Left Mouse to kill the target

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