Tom and Jerry Bowling Publisher  Date PublishedAugust 16, 2021
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About Tom and Jerry Bowling

Tom and Jerry Bowling unblocked, this game will help players meet two familiar characters from childhood. It is Tom and Jerry in the famous cartoon of the same name.

Basically, the game rules of Tom and Jerry games online will follow the rules of normal bowling. This means that you will have to help your bowling ball knock over all the bottles in front of you to win the score. Of course, the number of points achieved will be proportional to the number of times the player makes the pitch. Therefore, the more times you throw the ball, the less points you will gain.

First, players can choose the character to represent themselves in this game. You can choose Tom or Jerry depending on your preferences and compete with the remaining character. This game does not include too many complicated operations, the player simply taps the screen at the right time to perform the correct throw. Tom and Jerry Bowling cartoon has no time limit to throw the ball, so you should adjust it properly to achieve the highest score.

How to play

Use the left mouse to touch the screen at the right time to make the ball throw