About TileMan.io

TileMan.io is one of the most entertaining strategy game taking inspiration from Splix.io. In this Splix Style io game, you start as a little tile man wandering around a map to take over a lot of blocks around you. Once you have captured them, quickly turn them into the same color to form a large territory for yourself. You must capture as many blocks as possible if you aim to build a big realm on the map. While hunting for blocks, you must avoid other players who are doing the same task. They will use their schemes to attack you and take your blocks, so prepare some strategies in advance to cope with them. You can try killing them by getting them trapped within your squares then force them to run into you, killing them instantly. Stay focused on your quest as well as protect your territory all the time until you become number 1 on the leaderboard. Play Tileman game for free now! Much fun!

How to play

Use the arrow keys or WASD to navigate your tile man around the map to take over blocks. To stop moving, use E, P or key 5.

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