About Throwz.io

You can sharpen your throwing and fighting abilities in Throwz.io game when you pit yourself against enemies from around the world. Like other io games, Throwz.io unblocked attracts global players to come play for its unique gameplay and features. This is the game where you can level up and evolve yourself. You spawn on the map as a low-level player who can throw small axe at enemies. Try to kill them then take the food (small dots) dropped by them to advance your level. You can totally defeat enemies of lower levels while trying to run away from the higher-level players. Through over time, you will evolve into new champions that are much stronger, such as Paladin, Fire Warrior, and Grim Reaper. Make use of your champion’s abilities to outplay all of the other players as well as have a chance to become the top player in the world of Throwz.io online. Get ready for this battle and try to conquer it!

How to play

Perform the movement of your character using the mouse, click the left mouse button to shoot and use the right mouse button to dash.

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