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Terms of Use

Terms of recommends that all of our beloved users should go over our website’s terms of conditions carefully because whenever you visit our website and you experience our services, it means you are agreed with the following conditions.

Please have a look at our terms of service in a careful way before you decide to use as a regular place for you to relax and enjoy our splendid free online game.

Privacy Policy

Together with our Terms of Use, it is very important for you to read our Privacy Policy which is related to our user’s data collection. Make sure you read all of it carefully before you use our website as well.


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The website owner and the users will communicate with each other through emails. Whenever you send us an email or pay a visit to our website, it means you will be communicating with us.

Rules for users when using our online services

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  • You and other users are not allowed to use threatening languages. We will not respond to any support requests with such languages, and we may even block those users from accessing our games online, io, and other games like Shell Shockers Game.
  • You have no right to change or misuse all the content published on this website in the wrong way. Our website was made for all users to use in a general way.

Internet Requirements

All games, including Shell Shock Game and other games on our website, will request internet connectivity and our Online Service. Before you use our website, please check your internet connection first.

User Account

If you have an account on, it means that you have to take responsibility for your own private user information, including your username and password.

License and Site Access

Users have a limited license to access and use our website. You have no right to download or change anything to your likings.

Data protection

Please take note that any personal data you provide us when you play games online, especially Shell Shock Game, when you use our website, and online services will be utilized by us in agreement with our Privacy Policy. You are recommended to read our Privacy Policy carefully before using any services on our website.