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Shellshock.io  Date PublishedMarch 12, 2021
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About Taming.io

Taming.io will give you the feeling of being lost in the world of Pokemon. It is a world full of cute strong magical animals. It is also simple, it is free, it is Moomoo.io style, and don’t worry, you won’t be alone in the world.

Taming.io unblocked is one of the best io games online, you will get to play with many other players. Let’s go on an adventure, find and tame more animals, grow stronger and become the master of Taming.io unblocked.

In the world of Taming.io unblocked, every animal has its specialization, weakness, and strength – water, fire, earth, plant, electricity, stunt, damage, repulse, regen. You will get to choose one first partner to join you on your journey. And you can get new cute and unique animals. During your journey, you can collect supplies to build your village. Each time you win a fight or find a treasure, you will level up and unlock more new weapons and crafts to become stronger. Don’t forget to place windmills to generate some gold.

How to play

You will control both your animals and your character. Shield: protects. Sword: attacks every ( except sleeping babies). Hand: stop following and keep the position. Skill: special ability.