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Shellshock.io  Date PublishedNovember 26, 2019
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About Sword.io

Sword.io unblocked is a multiplayer upgrade game where everybody is dressed as a swordsman and jumps into a big arena to fight one another. Sword.io HTML5 Multiplayer game is also a game like Battle Royale Fortnite. You are here with one goal: be the top player on the leaderboard. To that end, you must gather as many swords as possible then throw them to your rivals. These swords can also be used as a shield to help you avoid receiving damage from other players. As you play, your scores will be increased after collecting some kills and your skills will be upgraded, making you stronger. You need to be a tough swordsman who is not afraid of any enemies and uses good strategies to fight them off for a chance of winning. Think you will become the best swordmaster ruling the entire arena? Play Sword.io free online! Much fun!

How to play

Move and attack enemies using the left mouse. Activate your shield and deal damage to enemies by releasing the mouse.

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