SuperCTF Publisher  Date PublishedMarch 25, 2021
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About SuperCTF, one of the best shooting games, impresses with its gameplay. if you are looking for a fun shooting game to play in your free time, with new, exciting, and addictive gameplay. You won’t ever get bored with this wonderful shooting game.

In SuperCTF Multiplayer, you will team up with 1-4 other players. Your team will be given a flag, and your job is to protect this flag while trying to take other team’s flags. What makes this game even more exciting and fun than a common shooting game? there are many options for you to choose from: like your guns, classes, abilities, and utilities… You can combine different options to create unique and different battles to win. No strategy will be the same as the previous strategy. And there are many maps with unique power-ups that you can take advantage of to give your enemies some surprising and unexpected little presents.

How to play

You can play by using a mobile phone and computer. WASD or arrow keys to move around.