is a fast-paced sports io game including a brutal battle. Fight against all of the online enemies at once and try to survive as long as you can! Take control of a ping pong ball and remember to make use of the available paddle to score! It will be the main weapon that you can deploy in free. Don’t forget to swing your tool promptly or you will be killed by the one that you are hunting! If you are successful, you can occupy a higher position on the leaderboard. Watch your back because everybody is also given the same equipment and they are able to wield it whenever! Your survival actually plays a crucial role in unblocked. In case you cannot deal with someone who is stronger than you. However, it is an ability that is useful for you to chase and remove weaker characters. Attempt to defend your player and improve your point! Good luck!

How to play

Choose WASD to move around, Shift to speed up, LMB to attack

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