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About Stabfish.io

Stabfish.io is one of the latest ocean-themed io games. In the new match against multiple enemies online, you will take control of a little fish. Further, you need to be the strongest creature ever before you dominate the leaderboard on the server. Before launching combat in Stabfish.io free, you are able to customize your character with available skins and weapons. It is possible to turn into a shark, a whale, or a dolphin. Not only that, you will be equipped with a tusk.

In Stabfish.io unblocked, it will be the primary tool to play down the opponent. Besides, your equipment can be decorated with victim’s heads. At present, it is easy to download and enjoy the challenge on mobile! After joining the arena, you should find food, eat, and you can fuel your boost tank. It’s also simple to speed up if you want to escape or chase! When you gain high scores, your gear will grow longer. Don’t forget to stab rivals and gather power-ups! It’s time to explore upgrades and other secrets! Good luck!

How to play

Move the mouse cursor to guide your fish, hold Left Mouse to sprint

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