About Snow War.io

Snow War.io is an entertaining 2D shooter io game set in a dangerous ring. You are moving into a crazy online match where you will fight against tons of enemies throughout the world. Everybody gathers and you will have to become their King as soon as possible. In the latest epic snowy fight, you will be equipped with nothing at the start. However, the resource is always resource and it is ready for you to craft something that can be used to attack other people. Play the combat in Snow War.io unblocked with a machine. You need to change direction after you appear so as to gather snow for free. It is the main material to create snowballs. When you collect enough, you can stop and aim carefully before throwing these balls at the target. Your shots should land accurately. Whilst attacking, don’t forget to evade stronger rivals and dodge every hit for survival!

How to play

Use WASD keys to control your character and gather snow, release keys to launch the snowball you have created

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