About Snaker.io

As a hostile and cunning snake in Snaker.io game unblocked, you will once again show off your skills to destroy all enemy snakes in a dangerous world. Snaker.io is a snake game like other io games, such as Slither.io. You will definitely experience new challenges and feel free to hone your skills more. You see that there are many pellets dispersed on the ground. If you want to build up your size, be sure to eat them as much as you can. Once you have become a bigger snake, you will be able to eliminate your enemy snakes. There are many ways to commit a kill! You can go around them, cut them off by speeding up, and trap them. Once they have destroyed, go eat their essence, which helps you grow even more. Snaker.io free online is not the snake game for humble players. To conquer it as well as reach the top of the leaderboard, you must become the most cunning snake that kills everything in sight.

How to play

Your snake’s movement is controlled by the mouse. Speed it up by clicking the left mouse.

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