About SlitherCraft.io

SlitherCraft.io is a mix and match of Minecraft and Slither.io. When these two games are merged into one, you will definitely have a brand new experience! The main mission for you in SlitherCraft.io unblocked is to gather blocks to increase the size of your snake and toss explosives to other enemy snakes to eliminate them. There are plenty of Minecraft blocks dispersed around the map. The more blocks you devour, the bigger you will become. If you eat a diamond block, you will earn the maximum number of points. When you bump into tough snakes, you should use smart strategies to deal with them. Make a speed boost for your snake to get away from danger or chase for more blocks. But don’t use the speed boost feature too much, or else the size of your snake will be reduced. You aim to become the biggest snake on the leaderboard in SlitherCraft.io free online. Try it out now!

How to play

The mouse is used for moving your snake. Click the left mouse to accelerate, use the right mouse to throw TNT, and use Enter to chat.

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