Publisher  Date PublishedJanuary 26, 2021
4.8/5 - (52 votes)


Playing slither style io games is fun, and with unblocked, your experience will be refreshed! In this title, you will take on a fun snake adventure in a big arena full of players from around the world. The mission for you is to grow your snake to become a big snake and try your best to dominate the arena.

The gameplay of online is simple, but you are required to have good slithering skills. Your snake needs to be fed with small pellets dispersed in the arena. As your snake eats them, the length and size of it will be increased. That’s how you evolve! Just make sure you watch your surroundings when you move to find pellets because other snakes will take any chances to defeat you. Just try to avoid getting eaten by the bigger snakes, or your game will be over. Make sure you play the game with smart strategies to outplay other snakes and get to the top rank on the leaderboard to become the most powerful snake in game!

How to play

Move your snake using the mouse and speed it up using the left mouse button.