About Slither Birds

Here comes another exciting snake game called Slither Birds free online! Yes, it’s true that a snake-like bird can slither through a huge arena full of enemies. You will definitely experience that challenge in Slither Birds unblocked game. With a crossover between Slither.io and Angry Birds, the game is very addicting to play. You have to gather many eggs scattered on the ground to increase your size, and when you get larger, quickly engage in the fray to defeat all enemy snake birds before they are able to kill you. You can use the popular ways to kill them, such as bypassing them to cut them off or blocking their movement using your body. Try not to speed up too much, or else you will have to collect eggs to grow your size bigger again. There is a leaderboard in this title like other Slither-style games. Can you hit the top of it?

How to play

Move your snake bird with the mouse, and speed it up by clicking the left mouse.

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