Silly Snakes Publisher  Date PublishedDecember 1, 2022
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About Silly Snakes

Silly Snakes unblocked is a game like, a cool io game. In the playfield, it’s essential for the player to survive and get an edge over all of the rivals.

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It’s one of the game fields that you shouldn’t skip. For the first time, you will start as a lovely snake and you need to search for food for survival. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult for you to eat passive food. However, you should remember that there are lots of foes around your spot.

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Aside from gathering that food type, you can approach dead snakes in Silly Snakes io games to loot the body that they leave. In fact, the second method is pretty dangerous because somebody can kill you while you’re eating.

So, you’d better protect the head and avoid your body with the other bodies. Additionally, you’re capable of boosting your speed to run away from someone. Or, you can use that ability to catch your target.

Play Silly Snakes free online and launch every possibility you have so you can take over the scoreboard now! Attempt to stay alive as well!

How to play

  • Move the mouse to control your snake’s movement
  • Click the left or right mouse button to boost your speed.