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About Short Life 2

Short Life 2 unblocked is the sequel to the Short Life series game. There are still interesting things from Short Life, there are many upgrades.

Short Life 2 game has more than 20 levels with many deadly obstacles and traps. In this game, you will control a weak puppet such as a puppet. He is really weak and easily harmed. So your task is to lead that person to the end of the road with a safe body. Meaning there are many things along the way that can harm him, some of them will appear suddenly. Some traps are deadly and you don’t know how your character will die.

If you keep your character safe and collect 3 stars along the way, you will pass the level perfectly. If you want to give it a try, you can now play Short Life 2 online for free on a Web Browser. We believe that this game will help you get moments of a completely wonderful experience.

How to play

Use arrow keys to move your character and reach the goal as fast as you can.