Publisher  Date PublishedAugust 15, 2019
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The brilliant one of io games is now on air. You have better get ready with the heated egg fight here.The game appears in the first-person position with 3D graphics.

You can play anywhere within Unblocked and have a blast. You are free to choose among 6 characters with different weapons to go. Are you favoring Scramble shotguns or an EggK47? The game appears in a first-person position with 3D graphics. You’re now an egg warrior. You may be brilliant but don’t forget to be tactical and careful with other dangerous eggs around. You must be the one who survives so that the game continues with endless blasts.

In Shell Shocker the game becomes various with 3 modes. In addition, it’s even more exciting when you can get your enemies yoked with a mouse or new gamepad set-up. Be the last to survive! Be the cool egg!

How to Play:

Use keys WASD to move around, space to jump, shift to zoom, E to change weapons, Q to bomb, R to reload.

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