(Shell Shockers the game) is a popular shooting game played by most of the gamers from around the world. unblocked opens up a terrifying battle between the egg killers controlled by human players online. You become a very violent egg taking on a tough mission which is to deal damage and kill all egg players around you using a picked weapon. You can choose from a wide range of weapons and different skills, together with a unique egg character that you like, such as a scrambler, free ranger, whipper, crackshot, eggsploder, or a soldier before entering the fray. You have to gun down on anyone who hinders your way and keep them unable to strike you back. Protect yourself at the same time, otherwise, you will meet a sticky end. You aim to vanquish the entire shell shockers arena. No more waiting, jump into this chaos right now and shoot your way to the top!

How to play

Move your character by pressing keys WASD. Shoot down enemies using the left mouse, change a weapon using key E, throw a grenade using key Q, reload your gun using key R, press the spacebar to jump, and use key Shift to zoom and aim.

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