Shell Shockers Bad Egg Publisher  Date PublishedMay 10, 2023
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About Shell Shockers Bad Egg

Shell Shockers Bad Egg is a new and thrilling multiplayer io online game with chapters. It’s a battle where you protect your patch of grass from undead chickens.

Enjoy Shell Shockers Bad Egg battles as a protagonist in Shell Shockers Egg

Now, you’re playing one of the best Shell Shockers io games. In which, you’re a lone character who getting ready to push scary chickens from your grass. Otherwise, they’ll occupy your house and kill you. However, you can win against these terrifying creatures if you master how to utilize tools.

Shell Shockers Bad Egg supplies the players with lots of different equipment

As in Shell Shockers Egg, you’ll be able to use many weapons. But, the list of tools won’t stop there. Aside from guns, you are capable of launching power-ups. Moreover, you can own a lot of upgrades. Additionally, all of them are actually helpful to fend off or clear zombies.

Shell Shockers Bad Egg io game is also a good 3D gun game that you should start. Let’s battle your way and show that you are the top gunner!

How to play

Press your keyboard arrows to direct your egg character.