Shark Publisher  Date PublishedDecember 25, 2019

About Shark

Be a ferocious shark in unblocked! You can join this fun arena io game free in your browser and take this chance to express your skills. There are plenty of fishes in the sea but most of them are vicious. Now, you will become one of the sharks in the ocean competing against other opponents for dominance. You start as a small shark, but through over time eating plankton, smaller fishes and sharks, you will gradually become bigger. Swim your way through the water carefully hunting for food, quickly eat them up to increase your size. Stay away from the bigger sharks controlled by other players, otherwise, you will get eaten. But, you can go chase smaller sharks and eat them up. Don’t forget to use your reflexes with smart strategies to get an upper hand on all of your opponents. Can you become the largest shark ruling the ocean? Try free game out yourself now!

How to play

Direct your shark through the ocean arena using the mouse.

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