About Senpa.io

Can you gobble up all objects standing in your way in Senpa.io unblocked? Are you ready for another eating adventure game inspired by Agar.io like this title? You must check it out right now for a huge amount of fun and more awesome experiences. You are a little cell that aims to get bigger and better through over time by eating a lot of generated cells on the ground. The more you eat, the bigger you are. After you have reached a quite big size, it’s time for the real hunts. You must find the smaller cells controlled by enemies and quickly devour them all to grow yourself faster. You still have to stay away from the bigger cells, though, otherwise, you will get eaten. Keep building your size and surviving until you become the top player on the leaderboard that dominates the entire arena. Senpa.io free online is definitely an addictive io game you should not skip. Try it now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your cell, use W to fire masses, and use the spacebar to divide your cell into smaller pieces.

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