Publisher  Date PublishedDecember 27, 2021
4.8/5 - (6 votes)

About brings a chaotic scene in the school with the harassment of special students. Will you transform into a student or restore order by accompanying the teacher?

The difficulties and pressures that you encounter in life will be solved in unblocked. This is a typical io game that allows you to become student or teacher to perform specific behaviors. For students, you need to work with other players to destroy the school in different ways. There are many items for vandalism, such as paint cans, fire extinguishers, furniture, and more.

So, if you choose to be on the teacher’s side, your mission is quite similar to other io game schools. It is observing the behavior of all students in the school, thereby identifying the vandals accurately and giving the punishment they deserve. Don’t let the chaos level up to 100 because you will lose instantly and vice versa. Multiplayer io games always give players a lot of excitement with a completely different style, and this game is no exception. Try this game if you want to go back to school and do new things than before.

How to play

Mouse and keyboard are the factors that keep you in control of everything in school