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About Royalz.io

Royalz.io is one of the latest io games featuring an epic quest for you to explore. Make your experience with io games much better by playing Royalz.io unblocked for free. You will have a chance to present your excellent skills. In this title, you play the role of a solitary warrior who is ready for a quest. This quest is not easy when it pits you against lots of opponents on your way. You must learn how to survive and beat them all to win. Start to collect weapons, ammunition, as well as chicken drumsticks to keep your health up. Your guns, food, and armor are all crucial elements for your survival. Equip yourself with them so you can outplay all enemies. Pay attention to your ammo and take the chicken legs to recover your health. Just like other battle royale io games, in Royalz.io, you aim to survive until the end of the match to become the winner.

How to play

Move your character using WASD, shoot enemies using the left mouse button and use F to collect items.

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