REPULS unblocked is a shooting game with the first-person perspective and unique gameplay mechanic. You have to be in control of strong weapons to eliminate all enemies from the arena and turn yourself into the best knight. Playing REPULS free game online will enrich your shooting experience. You can keep yourself entertained with this free shooting io game!

You need to know that the knights in REPULS online are elite soldiers who are good at using weapons and never give up on their goal. You and other players share the same goal which is to become the best one in the arena. But this goal has only one winner achieving it, which makes the game much harder and more interesting to conquer. Your knight in this title is always sprinting, and sometimes he jumps too. You have to wield your weapons smartly to deal damage to your opponents while avoiding their shots at the same time. If somebody is shooting you, just find cover or run away from the battle as fast as you can. You should dodge taking damage and wait until your health is fully recovered. You can switch between weapons then choose ones that fit your play style to have better results. Plus, you can find some new objects on the maps, like portals, explosive objects, and gravitational lifts. Make use of them to outplay your opponents. Can you prove that you are the best shooter in REPULS free game? Enjoy it!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, jump with the spacebar, use the left mouse to shoot, the right mouse to aim when using rifles, the mouse to look around. Use Q to bash enemies, number key 1 to change between primary and secondary weapons, and use number key 2 to use your equipment.

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