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About Raid Land

In an action io game called Raid Land, you will compete against opponents from around the world in a battle of collecting gold. You play the role of an archer in this io game, so prepare some necessary skills before stepping into the arena. The arena is filled with enemies. You are here for one goal: getting as much gold as possible. Make your way through the map finding some crates in the woods or collect crates from the defeated enemies. Whenever you unlock a crate, it will give you some gold. Keep collecting gold until you obtain your goal. On your way, you should slay enemies that are hindering you. They aim for the gold just like you, so quickly defeat them before they have a chance to kill you. Make use of your hero’s skills as well as some smart strategies to outplay them all. Protect the amount of gold you have collected too. Don’t let anyone take it! You must get to the highest rank on the leaderboard to become the best archer in Raid Land unblocked io game!

How to play

Move your character with WASD or arrow keys. Use the spacebar to jump, click the left mouse to attack enemies, use Shift for the abilities, and R to taunt.

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