Racing Horizon Publisher  Date PublishedNovember 23, 2022
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About Racing Horizon

Racing Horizon is a fun and unique 3D racing game. You start as a racer and explore various challenges. Besides, you should win every goal in the shortest time.

Join Racing Horizon html5 game and get ready to show off your abilities

Racing Horizon unblocked will give the player a 3D playfield. In other words, it will be a highway on which you can move with a car. However, the journey does not stop there because there are many different highway racing maps.

Moreover, you’ll capable of testing your driving skill by controlling cars. In fact, there are a lot of car models. Especially, you can use plenty of options to upgrade them.

Play Racing Horizon free online and prove your possibilities

After accelerating, it’s feasible for you to play Racing Horizon free online and embark on the real challenge. You’d better know how to brake, turn, or speed up. Besides, quickly dodge obstacles to remain alive!

The Racing Horizon html5 game is also a driving game. Thus, it’s necessary to manage your skills to finish maps. Launch the mission and experience dangers your way!

How to play

  • WASD or Arrows to begin to drive, brake, and move to the left or right side.
  • N to turn on the NOS mode.
  • C to choose the camera view that you want.