These are information regarding the Shellshock-io.Org Privacy Policy. This website collects user information for a legitimate purpose and in many ways.

If you are a user of, you are recommended to read through our Privacy Policy, so you will know which we will collect information about you. We offer various kinds of online games, Shellshock io games, and many other free games for all users. The Privacy Policy, together with the Terms of Use of this website, will cover all crucial data of users collected by our website and what the website will do with that data.

Before you become a part of our community, we recommend you to read our Privacy Policy carefully as it contains many significant and important information about:

  • What information this website will collect
  • Why Shellshock-io.Org need to collect your information
  • What information we do not collect
  • How you can access and manage the information we collect
  • Cookies
  • Security

What information Shellshock-io.Org will collect

  • Your basic information provided by you when you play all the games that provided for free, including your preferences, and main information that related to your gameplay.
  • Your contact information, that includes your Avatar/Profile Picture, Username, Email Address, Name, and Password.
  • Information that we use for serving advertisements, including the games you have played, IP Address, the country, the time zone, and local settings, the type and speed of the network connection, the Internet browser you used to play the games, and the advertiser ID.
  • Information that we use for providing analytics, including your device ID, your user ID, you gameplay, progression, and results, the starting and ending time of the game, the duration, the time, date and install source of your initial download, the ads that you viewed and click, and the recognition of crashes and defects.
  • We may gather and store personal and non-personal information provided by the users via third parties, especially from your Facebook, including your Facebook name, your profile picture, your Facebook ID, and other public data of your friends.
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Why Shellshock-io.Org collects your information

  • To offer you our best online services, including free games online, io games, and other information about all the games that Shellshock-io.Org might introduce to our beloved users in the future.
  • To help us improve our online services as well as solve any problems that might happen in the future.
  • To respond to all of your inquiries and to support your requests. Please contact us through our contact us page.
  • To help us find new users.
  • For advertising purposes.
  • To stop scam or any illegal activities that might happen in the future.

What information we do not collect?

  • Information from children under 13 and sensitive data are not collected by us here.
  • How you can access and manage the information we collect
  • There are lots of methods to access, manage, change, and delete your information which was collected by us. For more information on this, please send your inquiries to us via our contact us page.


When we gather information, it may consist of the use of cookies as well as the corresponding technologies. Cookies are usually small text files, given ID tags and stored on your computer’s browser directory or program data subfolders, they are created when you use your browser to visit a website that uses cookies to keep track of your movements within the site. Cookies have become a widely-used tool to make websites function better and more efficiently as well as to give the website owners more information about how their websites are being used and who is using them.

On our website, we will use a limited number of cookies.


On the website, all sensible technical and organizational safety measures will be taken in order to stop the deprivation of the misuse of your personal information. Specifically, the databases that we are organizing will be protected by passwords and restricted to necessary staff only, especially the staff who are responsible for running the websites and have the right to access the system.

All of our beloved users should be aware that no security system can stop all of the security violations even though we put our best efforts into giving security for all of the information we gather and maintain.