About Pixeledo

Pixeledo unblocked should be your pick when you are looking for a shooting game to master. It features top-down gameplay and epic matches that will keep you entertained for hours. You will encounter enemies from around the world, who want to kill you. Since there can only be one winner in Pixeledo game, you must try your best to defeat all other players and survive until the end.

The game is set in a dangerous world where you can spawn ammo, health, and new weapons. You’d better gear up yourself carefully before entering any match. Make use of your weapons to dish out damage to the opponents when they get in sight, but you have to watch out for your surroundings as well as defend yourself to avoid the attacks from others. It’s better for you to calculate your moves and know what you are doing so you can plan some strategies. Try not to cause any mistakes during the battle, otherwise, you will be defeated and the game will be over. There are several game modes for you to pick in Pixeledo free. You may want to try the battle royale mode in which you aim to become the only winner. In this mode, you must stay in the safe zone and avoid going to the danger zone as the size of the play area will reduce through over time. Try to get to the center fast, finish all enemies there, and survive until the end to win. Have fun with Pixeledo online!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement, use the selected weapons using the spacebar, use number keys 1-3 to choose weapons, select a newsprint weapon using ZXCV, jump with Q or Ctrl, do a diagonal jump using E or Alt, perform the auto move using Shift, clear the current move using R, press N for option, M to view the map, and mouse to choose weapon inventory, map, or settings.

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