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Shellshock.io  Date PublishedAugust 11, 2022
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About Pixel Shooter

Pixel Shooter unblocked allows you to participate in challenging levels with the appearance of strong enemies. Choose a character and start the never-ending war right now.

Before starting to experience this multiplayer shooting game, you will start by choosing the right mode and character. Each mode will have a way to operate as well as a number of new mechanisms to bring diversity. But we believe that reasonable control and combat skills are the most important factors to help you win.

The matches in this game will take place in the familiar horizontal screen style. You will control your character to move from left to right with the goal of defeating all enemies in front of you. Remember that they are all good players, you can’t be subjective in any situation.

The result of the match will be decided based on the number of kills of both teams. In this html5 zombies game, the team that gets 15 kills first will win in the end. Therefore, you also have to coordinate with your teammates well to be able to come up with appropriate combat tactics.

Besides, you can also use some power-ups that appear on the screen to increase the winning rate. When you reach the sublimation state, the stats will increase significantly to help defeat the enemy immediately. Moreover, you can also use grenades to take down the enemies in front of you quickly.

Pixel Shooter 3D is an attractive multiplayer shooting game with a variety of content and fighting styles. You need to constantly move and fight enemies to increase the kill score for your team. Join the game now and prepare yourself to face powerful enemies.

How to play

Use the A button to move left and D to move right W button to perform jump action, R to reload and Space to throw grenade