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About Office.io

Unlike other io games, Office.io unblocked RPG game puts you in the shoes of an ambitious boss who has to run a company and try to make the business more developed. As a boss, you have to take care of many things in the company, from recruiting new employees, researching on new business strategies, to investing your money in expanding the business, etc. When you hire more employees, you have to guarantee that they will have a good environment to work. Start to assign them to several office tasks, make them work more, but also you need to keep them happy. If your workers don’t feel contended, they cannot work and cannot bring more income to your company. Since your a boss, your decisions are always important! Make sure those decisions will not affect the well being of your workers. The goal of Office.io free game is to become the best boss and expand your business to the max!


How to play

Use the mouse to control and interact with your workers in the game.

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