About n00b.io

n00b.io free is a very awesome shooting game inspired by the iconic Minecraft game. Everybody has a chance to become a top champion in the arena, provided that they can last longer in the course of the fight. Before you jump into the battlefield of n00b.io unblocked, you must choose a class of fighter. Then, you will start prowl around the map trying to shoot down as many rivals as possible while avoiding their shots. You are recommended to find a strategic place on the field and use it to your advantage, so you can kill the rivals easily or even take on the tougher ones. Watch out for your ammo and always make it full to continue shooting. Always stay on guard and watch out for your surroundings! The longer you survive, the higher the rank you can reach. Keep leveling up until you touch the top. Be ready for this epic battle right now. Enjoy n00b.io game in your browser!


How to play

Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Left click to shoot, spacebar for jumping and Shift to sprint.

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