Muscle Shift Publisher  Date PublishedMay 16, 2023
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About Muscle Shift

Muscle Shift racing game is very interesting to experience. To go to the finish, you must avoid the entire set of traps. Meanwhile, you can choose various abilities.

Muscle Shift is a free online game with a race full of obstacles

In the current run with the mouse control online, you are capable of opting for different powers. And, you can do that until you head to the finish. Thus, once they are available, you can select and unleash their ability easily.

Aside from those traps in your running online, there are plenty of rivals. Additionally, they can defeat you fast. Hence, you must make use of what you have to leave them. And, it promises to be a challenging race.

Show your shape in Muscle Shift running online and quickly conquer the game

So, you can perform your great muscle shape when you want to win against other people faster. Moreover, it’s possible to transform into a ball shape if you like to bounce or speed up while moving down, etc.

Muscle Shift is a thrilling stickman html5 game for you to enter. Good luck!

How to play

Left-click on powers to launch them in the game.