Publisher  Date PublishedOctober 4, 2019
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Be ready for another exciting RPG game called free online! You are going to step into a new adventure and make your way through a creepy dungeon in which you fight off all enemies and wicked monsters getting in your way. Have your fingers ready all the time because you will need to kill them all for your victory. To eliminate them, you have to use weapons smartly and some strategies, also, make sure you drink some potions to power up yourself. With more strength, you will find it easier to defeat tougher opponents. The more enemies you kill, the more experience points you will accumulate. After that, you can power up yourself. On your way, be sure to collect some chests for rare items. It’s good to have the rare items too. There is a castle in game, in which you can regenerate your HP, purchase or put items on sale. Can you finish the dungeon and become the best player?

How to play

Perform the movement or assault the enemies using the left mouse. In the inventory, right click to drink potions, switch the equipped item to a new item, buy or sell items.

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