About Lordz2.io

If you want to sharpen your defensive skills, then playing Lordz2.io unblocked can help you out! This is a tower defense io game with kings, lords, and wizards. It is also the sequel to Lordz.io game with better features. You should be ready for this new quest! In Lordz2.io free online, your mission is to create the largest army to take over the map and vanquish new lands to make your kingdom much bigger. More than that, you will unlock the best heroes. The in-game heroes in this chapter are now equipped with special powers. Make use of them to conquer your enemies! Besides fighting, you must also focus on upgrading your buildings as well as towers through over time, especially the Archer Towers and Mage Towers because they will help protect your base and keep you safe from the enemies. Don’t forget to earn a lot of gold coins with victory points by destroying the buildings of other players. You have to become the best lord! Much fun!

How to play

Move your character using WASD or mouse. Click anywhere to attack the closest building, click on a building to attack it. Use E or the right mouse to activate the power, use the spacebar to split, B for the Build Menu, U for the Units Menu, F for the Formation Menu, Y for the Units Upgrades Menu, V for the Rewarded Videos Menu. C to change Formation, M for the Mini Map, L to show the leaderboard, Enter to open the chat, and Esc for Pause Menu.

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