About Impostor Killer

Impostor Killer Unblocked is based on the famous Among Us game. If you try Among us already, you may be interested in this game.

In Imposter Killer, you will be the one who hunts back the imposter. You are in an area that has many things to hide and many things for you to use. You need to hide and kill the imposter secretly. On the contrary, if you are busted, you will die and have to restart the game. There are many levels with the difference increasing, making the game become more challenging. As result, it makes the game become so attractive because of the thrilling feeling.

So if you want to play a strategy game but still have cute graphics then this game is really for you. However, being cute does not mean that you will overcome the challenges easily in this game. Now you can play for free on Web Browser to test this.

How to play

Use your mouse to hide and then kill the imposter as fast as you can.