Hide N Seek

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Shellshock.io  Date PublishedNovember 28, 2022
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About Hide N Seek

3D Hide N Seek game is set in a house. In which, you will run around and search for hiding kids. You need to find all of them as fast as you can to win the stage.

Play Hide N Seek online for free and look for missing children

Kids will hide and your challenge is to seek them. Not only that, you’d better finish your quest in the shortest time. Note that these little friends are cunning and smart.

Hide N Seek unblocked consists of various stages

It is one of the action games that you should experience and share with your family or buddies. In this game field, you’re able to roam through plenty of areas and rooms. Moreover, you’re recommended to open the cupboard.

Especially, you can enjoy more with increasing difficulty levels. In other words, there will be more kids and they appear in the latter stages. So, you shouldn’t forget to select upgrades. Actually, these items will come when the level ends.

Play Hide N Seek online on browsers and explore every corner of the house as soon as possible! Remember to make use of your tools from the dog to the x-ray!

How to play

  • Move your mouse around the house to look around
  • Click the left mouse button if you’d like to interact with somebody or something
  • WASD keys to wander around rooms
  • Press Esc two times to make the cursor appear.