About HexArena.io

Can you expand your territory to the max in HexArena.io unblocked? It’s fun to try out this new io game online with a lot of players from around the globe. You will compete against them in an epic battle, so get ready to show off your skills. HexArena new io game is all about area control, which means you must build yourself the while empire inside an arena shaped like a hexagon using a lot of good tactics and strategies. You will make your way through the map claiming as many tiles as possible by purchasing them or taking over them with the armies you send out from the structures. These armies will help you capture the main castle and the areas of your opponent. When you expand on the map and obtain Villages, a timed income will be given to you. Then, you use it to train your armies, create more structures, or even upgrade them. Do your best to take over the most area in HexArena.io game to become the best player on the server.

How to play

Move the camera using the mouse or WASD, zoom with keys Q/E or the mouse wheel. Use the left mouse for interaction.

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