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About Hexanaut.io

Expand your territory in Hexanaut.io to become the owner of the highest score. Things will become more difficult when other opponents are ready to take your territory.

Your only goal in this slither snake game is to expand your territory by various methods. Each player will become a character with a different color to try to create the largest territory. So, you need to control your character to prevail against other opponents.

Remember that the white land in the game symbolizes freedom and does not belong to any player. You can take advantage of that to expand your territory, but if you come across lands of different colors, you need to be careful. For example, red or blue land is owned by other competitors.

Of course, you can also control your character to cut other players’ lands to expand your area. And vice versa, they can do the same to your territory. When you own many plots of land, you need to keep a high level of concentration to try to protect your land.

The map in Hexanaut.io unblocked is also very diverse with many players around the world. There are areas where rare items appear, you can make them your territory to get extra bonuses. But this is not simple at all, you will have to compete with other competitors to own.

Play Hexanaut.io free online, you need to show smart control skills to capture the best territories. Competition is inevitable, but we believe a smart strategy will help you win. Can you conquer the entire vast territory in this multiplayer io game? The answer will have when you try to experience the game right at our website.

How to play

Navigate the mouse to help your character expand the territory