Heroes of War

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Shellshock.io  Date PublishedJanuary 17, 2024
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About Heroes of War

Enter the historic realm of Heroes of War! Experience a thrilling multiplayer game inspired by World War II battles, leading mankind against formidable enemies.

Command Your Forces in Heroes of War

In Heroes of War, step into the shoes of a high commander, navigating through a world of death, guns, and destruction. Explore a battlefield reminiscent of World War II, where your task is to lead mankind through brutal confrontations.

Equip yourself with an array of military equipment, from tanks to planes, chemical weapons, bunkers, and more in this immersive HTML5 tank game. Master hundreds of tools at your disposal, strategizing and deploying troops to defend against tough enemies.

Strategic Warfare

Engage in strategic warfare, crafting powerful decks of cards featuring diverse weapons from around the world. Unlock new units and potent spells from crates to strengthen your arsenal. As the battle intensifies, unleash your assembled death squad, aiming for triumph against adversaries.

Conquer the Battlefield

In Heroes of War multiplayer game, the battlefield is your canvas for historic triumph. Deploy your military expertise, master a range of weapons, and orchestrate tactics to fend off enemies. Experience the immersive thrill of battles inspired by World War II, where victory depends on your strategic prowess and deployment of advanced military technology.

Play Heroes of War unblocked full screen, strategize with diverse military equipment and conquer the battlefield in this intense battle shooting online!

How to play

Use the mouse to play the game.