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About Happy Koala

Happy Koala free online will make your pet care dream come true you play the game. More specifically, Koala will be the animal that you take care of, interestingly right?

Happy Koala game is a game suitable for children, especially girls. In the game, players will raise a cute Koala. And you will take care of actions from simple to complex to help your pet stand out. Specifically, you have to bathe, brush your teeth and feed the Koala.

Gradually, the player can customize the coat color along with other options to change the shape of the pet. Of course, you can also choose other decorative accessories such as clothes, skirts, hats, glasses, etc. to create a Koala bear similar to your imagination. Basically, Happy Koala is a game especially suitable for girls who love girls’ games. Are you an animal lover and want to take care of your pets according to your preferences? If so, Happy Koala unblocked will be an extremely suitable choice in the present time.

How to play

Use the mouse to click on the options available on the screen to customize the character.